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How to rectify Adserver blank page issues?

Please ensure these things:

1. Please check whether ioncube is installed on your server. This is an absolute necessity as it is required for the proper working of script, since some files, are encrypted, associated with the license validation.

2. Please use a utf-8 editor like macromedia dreamweaver while modifying config.inc.php.

3. Make sure that utf-8 BOM is not appended to the file. While saving the file choose utf-8 as encoding and uncheck "Include BOM"option.

4. Ensure files have been assigned the requisite user permission, according to ReadMe.html file specified. All folders should have the ‘755’ permission assigned, (except the one's we have mentioned in ReadMe.html, give 777 for those (recursively for all files and folders within those folders) and files should have the ‘644’ permission assigned.

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