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Do I need to pay for API Sources in Inout Search Engine?

Inout Search Engine works on the basis of third party API sources like google, bing and yahoo boss. For videos, the script is integrated with youtube and Bing Api services.

Payment plans of API Keys are subject to their respective sources. You can check the below mentioned links, for further details.

Usage limit of Google:100 queries/day for free with up to 64 results/query (Free plan).

Usage limit of Bing: 5000 queries/month for free (Free plan).

Usage limit of Yahoo boss: Yahoo boss is fully paid.

Along with these, you have another the option to integrate the Inout Crawling tool, the Inout Spider. You may purchase Inout Spider and integrate with the Inout search engine. Thus preventing, the search engine administrator, from using third-party API keys.

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